How To Access Hiring Managers and Avoid Recruitment Gatekeepers

Hosted by Ryan Stoltzfus, the Founder of Job Hackers Method


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"I followed the process and landed a role that was never open to the public. I cannot recommend Ryan's service highly enough."

Myburgh Truter
Director of Strategic Chains

"I was completely shocked at how effective his method was! Using the method taught by Ryan led me directly to interviews and a subsequent job offer. I never went through HR or a recruiter but rather made it directly to hiring managers. If you are someone who feels like your job search has hit a dead-end or your networking is not yielding results, I highly recommend the Job Hackers Method."

Jaimee Dahl
Program Manager

"Ryan's program gave me the confidence to secure twice the salary that I'd been making in my previous job in a different sector. Ryan is observant, he's passionate, and he knows what he's talking about, I don't think I could have done it without him."

Will Sturgeon
Director of Communications

"I saw results within a few days and landed 2 job offers at the same time. I doubled my income through this process. Although I looked, I did not find any other resources like this on the market."

Ram Krishnamurthi
Global Financial Services - Enterprise Services Manager

"If you follow the process, it will work. One of the biggest values you bring is speed of return. The program helps you through every aspect of navigating the turbulence of the job search. I landed a role with HP Enterprises after being in the program for just 3 weeks."

Cameron Jensen
Business Process Improvement - Internal Consultant

"I landed a role in just 6 weeks after trying on my own for 1.5 years. I am extremely happy. I landed a job that I could not have ever imagined I would. Thank you"

Andrea Tarhanich
Master Scheduler

"By building my Brand and Value Proposition, I had roles created for me. The tools through the program were very helpful. Ryan has a process that can be executed, not just theory. My family and I are very grateful."

Michael Green
Executive Director Life Science Strategic Accounts

"To have someone like Ryan focus all my efforts and help me understand what was a right 'fit' was exactly what I needed at the right time. The reality is that if we work with someone that is a professional and has experience navigating this and it accelerates the process by almost any amount of time, by weeks or months, it's absolutely worth the investment, no questions about it."

Kyle Maurer
Director of Operations

"I'm a 3rd generation immigrant, 60 years old, with limited English...and this program worked...if it worked for me, it will work for you!"

Yegor Kuznetsov
Director, Public Relations and Content

What will you learn?

Today's training will hand you the keys to the hidden job market as you learn how to build your network and get straight to the real hiring decision makers.

Job Search Strategies

Get expert tips on advanced job search strategies, how to tap into the hidden job market, and find your dream job.

Informational Interviews

Learn how to land consistent informational interviews to expand your network and knowledge, and discover new career opportunities in your field.

LinkedIn Network

Learn how to build a strong LinkedIn Network.  Get expert tips on how to build a strong LinkedIn network and connect directly with hiring managers.


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